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Boyfriend went to an Estate Sale today – by himself!  He is sure getting brave.  And, he really upped his game too!  He decided to move from men’s sport team clothing and branch out into women’s clothing.   Although to be honest, he did call me and ask about brands on his recent foray into women’s clothing.  He said he was at an Estate Sale in the closet and didn’t want to give up his spot but his internet wasn’t working well in that closet. Yeah, right…we all believe that don’t we?   However, he did really well.  Along with the thrill of the hunt of sourcing (aka shopping), and low prices (items less than $4 each), he brought in a really good load.  Of course, that’s before he realized he has to buy a new clothes rack because the current one is about to buckle under the weight of all the clothing to be listed.  As for me, at the present time, I can’t comprehend coming home with any more items to list.  Somewhere along the line I still need to redo pictures (from when I first started on this crazy gig) and rewrite many of my descriptions and include more and better key words.  So, on that note ….  have a good day …  I’m out folks!  

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