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You’ve heard the expression “You can’t make this stuff up?”.  Well, those words were made for one of the stores on today’s Goodwill runs.  At my first stop on the route, it’s 50% off for a specific color tag.  Yay!  I’m shopping only that color and moving along much faster than when I started this gig.   Wasn’t finding a lot so time to move on to the jacket area.  I’m doing my best impression of a reseller (whatever that looks like) and I see this cute bomber style jacket with accents that could be called “motorcycle”.  That’s what I think after watching some of my favorite YouTube resellers talking about trends.  All said “leather, leather” and “motorcycle” style.  I’m smiling because it looks really good AND its 50% off!  Woohoo!  And, upon closer examination of the brand tag, I see it is LEATHER!  So, right there in the middle of Goodwill, this girl feels like she’s struck gold!  (Doesn’t take much to make me happy, huh?).  I paid and hustled out of that store with my great find!  So on to the next Goodwill store – the last one of the day.  It’s getting late - - it’s after 12 noon which is late for resellers on 50% off day.  I know most have already been in and probably there won’t be much left, however, I still have the afterglow of the leather jacket and say “why not”.  I saunter in, full of good humor, smile at the cashier and say  “What’s the color of the day?”.  She looks around wildly and finally says…well, it was red, but the sign is not there anymore, so I guess it must be white.”  A guy walking past me stopped dead in his tracks and said the same thing I did, “What…. white?”  We look at each other, laugh, and agree we’d never seen that color at any Goodwill.  Yep, you can’t make this stuff up!  Happy sourcing everyone!

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