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Well, everyone needs laughter in their life, huh?  And there’s not much better than laughing at someone else’s goof ups is there?  Well, get ready, because I created a lengthy process in an attempt to be efficient.   I was ready to list 11 pairs of jeans – 7 Lucky Jeans and 4 pairs of other brands.  Somewhere around 90 photos.  Boy, was I excited to get them on line and ready for their new and proud owners!  I thought it might be a bit confusing and perhaps not as efficient to take ALL the pictures at once and then have to figure out which was which.  Jeans do look pretty similar, don’t they?  So the dilemma – take many photos of jeans or photograph/list/inventory each pair one at a time?  Hmm…a quandary.  I’m guessing you know what won out.  Yes, I took ALL THE PICTURES AT ONE TIME of 11 pairs of jeans on my phone.  I had a ‘brilliant’ idea (or so I thought) that I could start each group of photos with the brand tag thus making it easy to identify which pictures went with which pair of jeans.  Let me tell you readers, it did NOT work out that way!  Imagine opening individual photos on your phone and squinting at the labels and pictures to ensure I was using the right one to go with the right listing.  Let’s just sum it up to say I have worn a rut in the floor going back and forth from the room I use to do photos to the room that I like to use to work on my laptop.  If there’s a picture of inefficiency in the Webster’s Dictionary, I’m now included there.  So, I hope that gave you a chuckle and you can come up with a better method of taking photos of 11 pairs of jeans to do your listings.  If you do, please let me know too!  Enjoy your day and happy reselling!

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