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Reward day

So, today was “reward yourself” day.  YAY it’s sourcing day!  (aka: shopping).  Woohoo!  After listing for three days, it’s very exciting to get out of the house and see what’s out there! The thrill of the hunt is on!  SEVERAL HOURS LATER:  OK, folks.  Here’s the rundown.  First Estate Sale - pretty good.  Day Three and things had been picked over but honestly there must not have been a great deal of traffic for clothes because there were still some good ones that should resell fairly well.  Along with some coats, I also picked up two fun Christmas sweaters.  Who doesn’t want a Christmas sweater when that season rolls around and you always need one for that Ugly Christmas Sweater Party, don’t you?  And, two more Estate Sales on the list, so it's on to the next one!  Traffic wasn’t too bad, however, items were over-priced and not high quality.  I spotted two tops I decided to purchase because I’d invested time in driving to the sale.  As I was heading toward the cash register a lady stops me and says she’ll tally them up for me.  Ok…I’m all about service.  She then called out the prices.  Nope, I thought that’s not my stuff.  But, yep, she was looking right at me and there was NO ONE else in the room!? The sale sign had a higher price for a ‘blouse’ than for a ‘top’.  Really?  So, began a discussion of what’s a “top” and what’s a ‘blouse’.  It included me pointing to the sign and the items I had in my hand.

Needless to say the end result was me saying,  “No Thanks, I’m not going to pay that price” and putting them back on the rack.  She proceeded to tell me how beautiful they were and was I sure?  OK…who among us has not experienced the over zealous sales person that’s whispering in your ear about how gorgeous the thing is…car, clothes, you name it.  Sorry, but I’m OLD and I don’t fall for that anymore.  The Estate Sale operators now have two items they could have sold to me, but didn’t, over a couple dollars.  Come on people, there’s a recession and money is tight, how many more people are coming in there to buy those tops (ahem….blouses) today?  And, lastly since I said I would, I’ll review the third Estate Sale.  Beautiful designer clothing.  Beautifully high prices.  Another lady and I were in one closet commenting about how expensive the prices were marked.  Sadly, in today’s market the majority of it will still be there when the Estate Sale is over.  If only they realized with lower prices they could have made a killing in sales.  People would have been streaming out the door with arms full of clothing.  Alas, it was not to happen.  And, I did not share those pearls of wisdom with the Estate Sale company when I left.  Oh, and, I did I mention the second day of the sale was only going to be 10% off?  Wow….what’s with these estate sale folks that are so out of touch they don’t know the majority of their competitors do 25% off the next day?  Oh well, their loss.  I’ll wrap it up and share one more humorous outcome from the day.  When I got home and looked over the slim pickings I did have…two went directly into my Donations pile. Why, you ask.   Well, lesson learned.  At the first estate sale while I was in the closet selecting items, the power went out.  That’s no reason to stop, is it?  There are windows nearby….I was sure I’d be able to see any flaws in the sunlight.  (Ever the optimist, huh?)  Nope, ladies and gents.  If the power goes out, you should also go out….right out the front door!  Return only when the power is back on and you can get a good look at what you’re buying.  I keep learning every day.  And, I’m pleasantly surprised daily there’s so much to learn and laugh about at the same time.  I hope you enjoyed the journey and the learning today.

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