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Ever answered the question “What Did You Do Today?”.  A day in the life of an online clothing reseller is just so very glamorous.  Today I spent two hours removing some sticky substance (looked like dried glue…so no worries, it’s not a dangerous chemical that I’m working with) from a hoodie that The Boyfriend bought at an Estate Sale.  Here he comes, trucking the hoodie, with a smile and the statement “I know you’re so good at this stuff”.  (Yeah, right…. ladies we don’t really fall for this stuff, we know what’s going on, but we do it cause they’re great guys, huh?).  So needless to say, listings planned for today will be done later as this is a lovely hoodie which will sell well once the goop stuff is removed.  (Don’t get any ideas…. I already thought of using Goo Gone, but I was afraid that it would leave an oily spot that would never come out.)  So, soon this beautiful blue hoodie will be posted on The Boyfriends website for sale for you to purchase.  Of course, my hours of labor will be factored in to the final price…. hahahaha.  Those of you who are resellers know the truth about that statement and are now laughing so hard you are about to fall out of your chair!  Enjoy the humor.  It’s said that laughter is healthy and we do need our good health to continue on this journey, don’t we?

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