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What day of the week is it?  Oh, it’s Thursday.  Today, I listed the last 13 items from one Estate Sale which overall netted me over 30 new items. As a side note, for those of you who’ve been doing this for a long time, that may not sound like a lot of listings, but I’m still new and 13 listings in one day is a really big deal!  But I digress.  Earlier in the week, (Monday to be exact), I got tired of looking at my recent “haul” in large piles, and said “self…it’s time to get those listed!  Let’s set a goal of all 30 done this week.”  Well, I surpassed that goal because it’s Thursday (please tell me it IS Thursday) and those buggers are all finally done.  Geez… the listing part of this endeavor is a drag sometimes.  So why do I think it’s sometimes gonna be fun?  Who knows.  Maybe it’s a symptom of a disorder I don’t even know I have?  Well, it’s time to go find an Adult Beverage to celebrate that I’m done with that particular project.  Oh..did I mention that I counted and I still have over 60 items to list and there are Estate Sales coming up?

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